Double Cone Blender, Double Cone Blenders, Double Cone Blender with Flame Proof Motor, Mumbai, India

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This type of machine has the most efficient design for rapid blending and mixing at low operating speeds.The design consists of shallow vertical cylinder with a cone of carefully engineered angle located at each end.Products mixed can be dicharged directly into the container if desired by means of a butterfly valve fitted at the end of the cone. The blender is available either in M.S. Or S.S 304/316 materials. The drive consists of a motor coupled to a suitable gearbox to give the desired RPM.

Double Cone Blender

Models DCB 50 DCB 100 DCB 250 DCB 500 DCB 750  DCB 1000 DCB 1500
Vol. Capacity
in Ltrs.
50 100 250 500 750 1000 1500
Motor H.P. 2 3 5 7.5 10 15 20

* Flame Proof Drive. * Jacket arrangement for heating and cooling * S.S 31 6


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